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Welcome to Osaka Namisho High School Students

This week-end we have enjoyed the visit of students from Osaka Namisho High School.

Welcome Senda Kiichi, Sugita Yuji, Kuriyama Koichi and Tomari Yuki.

The students have had lots of fun, learning how to ride our farm bike, feeding the horses, playing soccer and have a great game of cricket with Steve and Travis.

While staying at the farm, Steve took the students to Tamborine Mountain, the Cedar Creek Waterfall and up to O’Reillys.

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Frozen in July

Frosty morning
Can you see the ice on the grass

It’s a cold morning on the farm.  Decided not to get out of bed till the sun came up.

It was below zero this morning – and ice was on the grass. 
This is the first of our good frosts for the winter.
Once the sun comes up, it all warms up pretty quickly, and it will be a barmy 18 degrees today.