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The University of Georgia ~ Study Abroad Program

Study abroad is an enriching and eye-opening adventure, where learning extends far beyond the classroom. The experience exposes students to new ways of thinking, living, and viewing the world. Benefits include the opportunity to learn about another culture firsthand. Students can travel, fulfill major and minor coursework requirements, and develop new intellectual pursuits, skills, and perspectives.

Every year, we enjoy hosting students from the University for a couple of days, and during their stay, the students learn a little more about living in Australia, living on a farm and most importantly the joys of a BBQ and pavlova.

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Welcome to Osaka Namisho High School Students

This week-end we have enjoyed the visit of students from Osaka Namisho High School.

Welcome Senda Kiichi, Sugita Yuji, Kuriyama Koichi and Tomari Yuki.

The students have had lots of fun, learning how to ride our farm bike, feeding the horses, playing soccer and have a great game of cricket with Steve and Travis.

While staying at the farm, Steve took the students to Tamborine Mountain, the Cedar Creek Waterfall and up to O’Reillys.

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Visit from China

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This week we had a wonderful visit from students, parents and teachers from the Kingold Primary School in China.

Staying for just one night, our guests were able to experience a little bit of life on the farm, feeding the horses and the chickens, playing with Travis and Kaylee, swimming in the pool, and spotting kangaroos.

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Frozen in July

Frosty morning
Can you see the ice on the grass

It’s a cold morning on the farm.  Decided not to get out of bed till the sun came up.

It was below zero this morning – and ice was on the grass. 
This is the first of our good frosts for the winter.
Once the sun comes up, it all warms up pretty quickly, and it will be a barmy 18 degrees today.
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Precious memories at Magpie Creek Farmstay

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Hi Steve, Greetings from sunny Singapore! After 8 hours of flying, where we were fed constantly, sitting down, watching 3 in-flight movies, we arrived home safely. Having gone through some 600 photos we’ve taken of our wonderful trip in Brisbane, those taken in Magpie Creek hold precious memories for us. We have attached some especially good ones for you. Hope you like them too.

 Take care. Cheers, Keng Ngian Goh

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Nero’s Fire Wins

Nero’s Fire wins again on the Sunshine Coast – 21st January 2011

This is Nero’s first race at 1400 metres, on the cushion track Class 2.

Nero's Fire

Nero's Fire

Nero's Fire

Nero’s Fire was born and bred at Magpie Creek Thoroughbred Farmstay and is trained by John Johnston on the Sunshine Coast.

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Teaching the horses to swim

It’s so wet at the moment, that we can’t train the horses by riding them.

So – it’s time to teach them to swim.  It takes time and patience to get the horses to swim a lap of the horse pool.

We have two people with leads and Steve has to get wet and coach the horse into the pool.

Bonnie’s going in for a swim – this is her first time, and we are all really happy with her progress.

Bonnie is Crown the Warrior’s older sister – we hope she’ll be racing in the next couple of months.

Bonnie swimming
Bonnie learning how to swim


bonnie swimming for the first time
Bonnie swimming for the first time