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Super Eddie!!!!

Thanks for Evie, Willow and Marley who wrote a story about Eddie the Superdog.  Well done.  It’s a great story, I’m glad you enjoyed your farmstay at Magpie Creek



Here’s the story, if you can’t read the writing.

It was a dark and stormy night.  Lightening flashed, thunder crashed and the rain came poring down.  Eddie was on the go, chasing a wild Kangaroo when BOOM he got struck by lightening and became Super Eddie!!! Laser vision, super strength and super hearing.  Just then, Super Eddie heard a yelp.  It was Gizmo the other dog on the farm.  he’s stuck in quick sand.  Eddie uses his laser eye to save Gizmo.  Yay!!!! Gizmo is free.   THE END


Thanks kids – we love this story.  Hope you come to visit our farm again.

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Proud to support Laura in her Marathon run for charity

Magpie Creek Farmstay are proud to support Laura Field, in her endeavours to complete the London Marathon on the 28th April 2019 and also to raise much needed donations for her selected charity – Notting Hill Genesis – raising funds to support emergency housing projects.

Laura has a big challenge to raise $1450 pound before the 28th April.

You can read more about Laura’s story and preparation for the marathon online – just follow the link.

Link to Laura’s giving page

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